February 21, 2012

Public Transportation - Elementary School Edition

The Hilltop has a surprising amount of small parks. In this episode, I investigate Lindbergh Park and adjacent school, Lindbergh Elementary - home of the Lions!

Lindbergh Park is on Briggs Road and is more or less across the road from Briggs High School.

Red Square is the point of interest. Also, Google spells it "Lindberg." Oops!
The park is not super fancy or anything like that. It is a large open field with some trees on the perimeter.  It also has a soccer field and an asphalt path with several entrances encircling the playing field. But something crazy that I saw was this half fence that was outside the front of the elementary.

The only purpose that would make sense for this fence would be some kind of child corral in which students wait for their buses. Wouldn't it be weird if they made adult bus riders wait behind a fence like that?

Cool how-to-pronounce-Chipotle link of the day:

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