February 10, 2012

Long Week - Bike Stories

I don't really have any good topics to talk about today, so I'll tell you a story about my dad's and aunt's experience with a cyclist.

In the early '70s, my tweener dad and his younger sister were downtown doing whatever it is young people do downtown. As they prepare to go home, there's a disagreement about where to wait for the bus, so my aunt goes on to one street and my dad goes to another street. 

A few minutes later, my dad sees my aunt come crying/screaming from around the corner. Obviously concerned, he asks her what's the matter. Allegedly, a person on a bike stopped for a second, wrapped his arms around her to beat her chest like King Kong, and then mounted his bike and went on his way. 

Who knows the veracity of the chest beating, but maybe bicyclists aren't natural allies to pedestrians. Or are they?!

Cool Star Wars music done by barking dogs link of the day:

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