February 24, 2012


Biking takes confidence. A biker who isn't confident will have unpleasant rides. But on the flip side, it's alright to be nervous or scared occasionally while biking. I say this because some regular bicyclists might give the wrong impression of the awesomeness that is biking.

While trolling on the message boards on Columbus Underground, I was interested in a post made during a discussion about bike lanes (emphasis added):
You shouldn't be maneuvering around parked cars. If you are riding correctly, 3rd and 4th are a dream to ride on because people have plenty of lanes to go around you. Although it would still be intimidating to some that they are going so fast in some areas.
It's true that a straight path is the right path in most cases. Try not to maneuver around parked cars but depending on the conditions, maybe there's 5 blocks before the next parked car, you might want to be in the parking lane.

However, there is a misconception that riding correctly would make 3rd/4th, or any street, a dream. For those who read regularly, you may be aware that I take the lane. Once while on 3rd I had a scary incident as a driver tried to merge into my lane. 3rd suffers from too many lanes and a driver might not know which lane leads to what and will be more apt to change lanes last minute because he/she is in the wrong lane.

That's not to say that roads are inherently scary. It's to say that there is risk no matter where you are and whether you are riding a bike or driving a car. Crashes happen every day and riding as appropriately as possible for a situation will minimize the chance that you'll be in a crash.

I don't mean to scare anyone but it's better for a bicyclist to be very vigilant. Yes, worry about those cars who are slowly stopping at the next intersection. Worry about the people turning left in front of you. And in between the potential conflicts, enjoy the ride.

Cool stop-action-music-video of the day:

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