February 13, 2012

Car Columbus

I find it interesting that there is no verb "to car." I was about to make the title "Carring Columbus" which looks weird and "Caring Columbus" makes me care too much. So while we have a verb for non-motorized transportation which matches a corresponding noun, such as "to walk" or "to bike," we have nothing relating to the car itself. Instead, one drives.

Grammar aside, I drove this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. I'm always surprised at how easy it is to get around town, and a research paper which compared Columbus to 15 other metros indicates that Columbus is the city which wastes the fewest hours stuck in traffic. Check out the Dispatch for more about Columbus and the report.

I've noticed that the surface roads aren't backed up that much during my commute, but getting on I-70 from Mound Street backs up quite a bit. Therefore, my personal Columbus experience backs up the report.

Cool (?) father berating his daughter by shooting her laptop link of the day:

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