February 14, 2012

Bicycle Hub

How cool would it be to have a bicycle hub on the west side? Wait, what's a bicycle hub? I have no idea.

From some online PDF
What are some of the possibilities? According to this unattributed document for the Camp Chase Trail Bike Station, Frisbee golf, parkour, rock wall, interactive art, park and ride for the trail, survival course, dog playground, sand sculpture pits, volleyball, safety town, and a skate ball. You may even be able to drink Willy Wonka's fizzy lifting drink there.

For those wondering where this magical place would be located, it'd be on the west side next to the casino along the Camp Chase Trail. The great thing is that City of Columbus owns the land in question so no land acquisition is necessary. In case you're curious, here's the few from a thousand feet:

Green triangle = Hub location
The great thing about this is that MORPC is in the process of doing a long-term regional bikeway prioritization plan and the Camp Chase Trail received a high prioritization score,  partially because it is on the Ohio to Erie Trail (Cincinnati to Cleveland).

The bicycle hub itself is still a long way off. It's gained lots of local/public/private endorsements, but the trail itself looks like it won't even be constructed to Sullivant for at least 2 years. Without the trail being connected, it's kind of hard to convince people to use a bike hub if there's no way to get there.

The good news is that the future is getting closer every day.

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