February 16, 2012

Ask some Bikers

I want to try out a new feature called: Ask some Bikers. I sometimes get set in my ways but there are certainly multiple ways of choosing a route which works for you. In this post, I'm asking my readers what they think I should do or if there are any improvements to my route.

On my evening commute, I bike from downtown Columbus (near Columbus Commons) to the Hilltop (near Mound and Hague).

My evening commute is different from my morning commute (which is a lot more direct) because I don't like going uphill and against the wind on major arterial roads (i.e. west on Mound or Broad St). Instead I take the Scioto trail to Souder Avenue to McKinley Avenue to near the Hilltop-Scioto Connector and get shot out on Steele Avenue which is a parallel road to Broad Street in northern Hilltop. I don't really have a route I've been 100% comfortable with, although I do feel safe on all I've tried. Below is a map of sample routes that I've taken in the past after I turn off of McKinley.

Google map of my routes.
You can play around with the map at Google. The thing about Hilltop is that there are a lot of one-way streets. Broad Street and Sullivant both contain commercial districts which include a lot of on-street parking. Mound Street is beat up by the COTA buses and is uncomfortable riding west.

So with that said, does any one have any suggestions? Preferences? I'm doing it wrong altogether? 

Cool Yeah Yeah Yeahs Maps video of the day:

1 comment:

  1. What don't you like about your commute?

    Have you ever tried taking Steele to Westgate? I think that is a fairly easy ride and there are traffic lights at Mound and Sullivant.

    I like that you're willing to try out new routes, bikers need to try this to find the best one for them.


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