January 10, 2012

Winter Waddles

The winter months have been slightly unkind to my boyish figure. I stopped biking just before Thanksgiving and I've averaged a pound a week due to those fascist, holiday feasts. Thankfully, we've had beautiful weather the past few days as some people have noticed. I woke up on Friday to this wonderful forecast:

A high of 53? What? Get out of here!
I forewent the bus and got on my bike to make the morning commute. At first it was exhilarating to feel the wind against my face and travelling 3-4 times faster than what I did walking. Then I started feeling guilty for not taking my bike to the shop because it was time to get some brake work done. Don't worry - this isn't a segue into a story about a crash.

During lunch I gave in and took my bike into a local bike store, B1 Bicycles in this case. I left my bike there over the weekend and picked it up Monday after work. The brakes were crisp and the derailleur shifted tighter than it had ever shifted. It was like a new bike with a frame from the mid-1980s.

On the return commute on Monday, I was stoked to try out my new spoke lights. Below is a brief example of a multi-colored light in action:

Pretty cool right? Well, even the usually non-plussed neighborhood kids loved it and one asked me if he could have it. The obvious answer was no even if he had offered me $150.

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