January 27, 2012

What's the deal with helmets?

A minor cycling controversy is helmets albeit most people are pro-helmets. I, for instance, always wear a helmet because my girlfriend tells me that I have a pretty head.  The problem that some cyclists have is the emphasis that is placed on helmets.

For instance, in a situation where there's a car-bicycle crash, the first thing most people do is blame the bicyclist. The second thing they do is ask whether or not the bicyclist had a helmet or not. I find myself doing the latter as well because it's reflexive.

A similar thought with car-car crashes would be if a passenger was wearing his/her seat belt. Most people do not instinctively ask that question. Sure, if the person wasn't wearing a seat belt the reaction would be a little bit more, " The crash sucks but people should wear their seat belt." In other words, there is not enough sympathy for bicyclists involved in crashes.

Hopefully, in the future, we can get people to say," That sucks that the bicyclists was in an accident. I do hope that bicyclists will consistently wear helmets in the future."

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