January 18, 2012

SOPA or not, here I am

So while the rest of internet took the day off, I am posting twice. What what what?!

Recently I've been critiquing ODOT but one thing I wanted to research was the price tag of the I-70/I-71 "Split Fix." Earlier today, I identified 5 phases of construction with an estimated cost of $800 million. However, the number I'm familiar with is $1.5 billion for the fix. What's the deal?

This is what I found out at first:

Jimmy Wales, say it ain't so!
Thankfully Google still allowed searches and that's where I found the source of the problem:

I was the source!
After a little bit more digging at Columbus Underground, I found that an Editorial made by the Dispatch that proves that I didn't make up the number:
"The desire of Near East Side residents for "caps" on the bridges over the highway that will be rebuilt with the I-70/71 interchange is understandable.
But so is the plan by the Ohio Department of Transportation to build only one cap for now, while designing other bridges so that caps could be added later, if funding and economic development for them arise.
The cap on N. High Street over I-670, site of a Hyde Park restaurant and other shops, is a huge improvement over the chain-link fence that preceded it and has been a boon to the Short North area.
Leaders of the Near East Side would like to see the same for the many freeway crossings in their neighborhood. No other part of Columbus was hit as hard by the dislocations caused by building the interstate highway system in the 1950s and 60s. Freeways created impassable gulfs that broke up neighborhoods.
But caps for all 12 of the bridges in the I-70/71 project would unacceptably inflate the cost of rebuilding the split, already north of $1.5 billion, and making the tangle of crash-prone roadway safer has to be the first priority."
Thanks, Dispatch, for not fully supporting High Street like caps, but I'm still curious about where this number comes from.

Cool link of the day:

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