January 4, 2012


Like COTA, I wasn't prepared for the New Year. I took the last week off of work and in my enjoyment, I forgot about my faithful readers. I apologize. For COTA, they forgot to update their transit feed in time to provide transit directions through Google Maps, which is the method that most of my friends use to plan trips. According to our overlords at Google, a transit agency should route changes at least two weeks before implementation. COTA submitted the information on December 29 which  means that we might not have Google map planning until January 12. For now, Google suggests walking for transit options:


Going forward, I want to change the direction of the blog a little bit. So starting next week, I'm going to do a weekly posts of the following:
  • Admiring/critiquing transit maps maintained by other agencies
  • Bike "Culture"
  • Bus "Culture"
  • Bicycle maintenance
  • Wild card
Plus, since a blog is basically a diary/soap box, if there's a topic outside of transit that's interesting to me, consider it blogged about. 

For now, I checked out an intriguing update from Consider Biking and it appears that they are looking at a Bike Share program for Columbus. I'll discuss it more once I have more time to review it but I am definitely interested.

View interactive map here

Next up: Bike Share comments

Congratulations to Meredith Joy of Yay Bikes! for being awesome last year:

2011 People's Choice Award - Meredith Joy from CFF - Central Ohio on Vimeo.

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