January 16, 2012

More on Shelters

I've talked, talked, and talked about how bleh I was on the bike shelters that were being installed. For those who tire of my million links, there are two phases of bike shelter installations which should result in a total of 19 bike shelters for a cost of $545,000. Here's a map of the first 10 shelters planned to be installed:

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To be honest, the shelters look pretty nice. The problem is that they cost about $30,000 per shelter. A recent article in the Oregonian has this to complain about bus shelters:
"Should a simple bus shelter -- basically a few benches covered by a roof -- cost as much to build as a three-bedroom house? 

That's a question that is provoking outrage and official embarrassment in the southern Oregon city of Grants Pass, which this week signed off on a project to build five bus shelters at an estimated cost of $106,000 apiece."
The United States of America is in an apparent shelter war which will not be satisfied until we spend in the millions per shelter. The crazy thing is that they aren't all that impressive. They're similar to our incomplete bike shelters:

bus shelter.JPG
Credit: The Oregonian Timothy Bullard / Daily Courier
City planners everywhere, please hear me. People in bus shelters want to be protected from the elements and if possible, it'd nice to have heating fixtures. People using bikes in inclement weather don't need their bikes to be protected from the elements.

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  1. These are definitely for show and doesn't exactly hide the fact that city government will pull out big wads of cash for High St projects, but if you want bike infrastructure in lower-income neighborhoods, so that cyclists from say, neighboring Linden could ride over to use these shelters, well, the city suddenly just doesn't have the money. You'd think the *necessity* for cheap transportation (bikes) in low-income neighborhoods would trump the *luxury* of having an expensive shelter so that OSU students don't have to place a plastic bag on their seat when it rains or snows. And which gets more cyclists on the road? Shelters or bike-oriented roads that take you from points A to B?


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