January 11, 2012

I like to bus

While waiting for necessary brake repairs on Friday, I was stuck using the bus. Part of the hell-raising plan included going to Brazenhead's in Grandview (actually Columbus but you know what I mean). It was great since Brazenhead's is located on 5th Avenue and the #5 goes down 5th Avenue. Unfortunately, my bus didn't have a speaker system announcing the stop locations so I left one stop too early.

Not a big deal but one thing that I noticed was the complete lack of marked crosswalks for pedestrians as it was a 7 minute walk between marked crosswalks.The most widely overlooked law in human creation is the fact that pedestrians have the right-of-way at all unmarked crosswalks, too. That means that if you are at an intersection and there are no traffic signals or signs prohibiting pedestrian crossing, pedestrians have the right-of-way (Ohio Revised Code 4511.48 and Columbus Municipal Code 2171.01(a)). Since rush hour traffic is not conducive to a pedestrian asserting his rights, I crossed prior to the intersection due to a lull in traffic.

That's a long-ass way between crosswalks!
Columbus - maybe adding an additional pedestrian crossing between these intersections would be helpful. 5th avenue isn't really wide enough to be a major arterial road so you might as well pedestrianize it. 

The next stop of the night was Tip Top which I got to ride with some one (so long suckers!). After calling it a night, my girlfriend and I caught the #3 bus home at ~11:00 PM. Again, it was packed by the time we left time which makes me question if more frequent service should be provided for the #3 post-10 PM. 

But hey, I made it home after a night of debauchery and COTA was responsible for it. That's pretty cool.

Cool link of the day:

Heart-shaped path through Boston
Map made using GPS of a route a person took.


  1. That gap between crosswalks is completely ridiculous in a walkable commercial corridor.

  2. I completely agree. Out of curiosity I checked how far the next stop was from Kenny (Point B) and it was another 0.3 miles to Northwest Boulevard. Not good.


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