January 26, 2012

How to roll

The last couple of days have been nice enough to bike and that means it's time for another bike lesson. When you see urban bicyclists, many of them have their pants rolled up. This is to prevent oil/grease from getting on your pant legs.  It also avoids the dangerous situation of pants getting caught in the bike chain. You generally only need to roll the right side where the drive train is.

Occasionally I hike mine up like Huck Finn, but it's not the most hip. People could also wear super skinny jeans or use boots over their pant legs.

On the other hand, I flash back to the '80s and use the "Pinch Roll." I could show you how to do a pinch roll, or I could just link you to eHow on an article about doing it. I wish I were more vigilant because I have too many pants with grease stains on them. People, please learn from my mistakes.

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