December 5, 2011

Riding the bus

I've never been much of a bus rider. I've always driven/been driven to school and during my professional life I've walked or biked. So it's definitely been a new experience to depend on the bus for commuting purposes. Here are some of the things that I've liked:

  1. The sense of relief when I see the bus coming. 
  2. Being able to zone out while riding the bus.
  3. The COTA monthly pass is so much easier than having to have $1.75 (soon to be $2.00) on me.
Some things that I do not like as much:
  1. Waiting for the bus. I don't think that the bus is on time that often so I feel like I'm wasting some time while waiting.
  2. I'm not as physically active but that's more by design than it being COTA's fault.
Some things that could be improved:
  1. Real-time stop information so that I know when the bus will come.
  2. Quicker cash exchange system. Some times it takes a really long time for someone to put all their change into the collector.
Overall though,I like using the bus, so that's good.

Next up: Some random thoughts

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