December 16, 2011

Riding the bus Part II

I've got a few more bus rides under my belt and that means that I have some COTA stories!

  1. Guy with a large satchel made from a blue, down jacket gets onto the bus. Initially, I take him as a down-on-his luck homeless person but I assume most homeless people are down-on-their-luck. He combs his hair with a hair pick and then looks inside his satchel. Surprisingly, he finds a toothbrush and takes it out. It's not completely clean so he rubs it with his finger and starts brushing. He has a disgusted look on his face due to what I presume is a foul tasting toothbrush sans toothpaste. The man sitting next to homeless dude starts getting agitated and looks wishfully at empty seats. Then, homeless dude starts barking non-sense and the man sitting next to him gets more worrisome. The next stop the man sitting next to him moves to a different seat. Oddly enough, the woman in front of homeless dude is rolling cigarettes and give homeless dude one. I get off at my stop and never look back.

  2. Bus stops at the designated bus stop and exchanges passengers and starts to move. Man, walking nonchalantly 50 ft from the bus stop, yells at the bus driver to stop. Bus driver surprisingly obliges and waits for the man to meander to the bus. The following exchange happens:
    Man: In too much of a hurry to stop?
    Bus Driver (BD): Sir, you were not at the designated bus stop.
    Man handing over ID: What? I was right by it!
    BD looking at ID: Sir, is this you in the ID?
    Man indignantly: What?
    BD: Sir, this is not you.
    Man takes ID back: I am going to go talk to your supervisor about this. This is terrible!
    BD: That's fine but get out, I've got to get these people home!
    Man gets off bus while mumbling. Bus passengers laugh and cheer.

  3. My girlfriend and I get on the #3 at 9:15 at High and Broad and the bus quickly fills up to standing room only. I was impressed at how much demand there was for the bus even at 9:15 on a Thursday evening!
That's all I have this week. Have a good weekend people!

Next up: Confusion with grid systems

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