December 9, 2011

Last Unofficial COTA Map of the year

I've talked localcrosstown, and express COTA routes and provided maps for weekday service but I'll be honest, it was a pain in the asparagus. I prayed to Google and it gave me Fusion Tables which is another way to get geographic data on the web.

I digress into boring programming details. Instead, let's look at the map.

Play with data here.
So there are a few things to notice. Routes with frequent service are larger than the rest. The #1 is white, the #2 is Yellow, and #10 is turquoise. If you click on a stop, you get information about which buses stop there, how many stops occur, and which type comes (local, express, or crosstown). Blue dots are for local only, red dots are for express only, green dots are for crosstown only, and brown means a mixture of the three. Finally, you can add a filter to get different info. For local routes, choose "Route Types" and Starts with "Local" and you will see routes only served by local bus routes. For individual route, choose "Local and Crosstown Routes Served" and "Contains" "#X -" where X is the numbered route.

There are a few to improvements to make. At terminal ends of routes, the park and rides are counted twice because they are a destination and start of two different trips. Also, I would like to add layers so that people could get more specific information with route lines on the map.



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