December 2, 2011

The Express

I've covered crosstown routes and local routes which means I only have the express routes left. Although many may guess what the purpose of Express Routes are without explanation, I'll explain.

An express route is a bus route which has fewer stops than the local routes. Sometimes, they may follow similar local routes but skip many of the bus stops. Other times, they may be at a location not serviced by local routes such as New Albany or Canal Winchester. Many routes also have a Park and Ride to entice commuters. Finally, all but 1 regular route goes to Downtown and the one exception goes between Hilliard and OSU.

I was interested in the time saved using Express routes and was surprised. The Local #2 and Express #31 have stops at the Crosswoods Park and Ride which is near the North High Street and I-270 intersection. Both routes use High Street. Express #32 also stops at the Crosswoods Park and Ride but uses I-71.  Using the bus schedules and Google Maps, this is what I found out:

Time to Travel Between Crosswoods to High Street & Broad Street

Time (minutes) fastest
Time( minutes) Rush Hour
Local  #2
Express  #31
Car on High
Express #32*
Car on I-71
*Uses I-71 instead of High Street

I thought the #31 would always be a lot faster, but in off-peak times it only beats the #2 by 3 minutes. I know that people that choose the #31 will probably stop prior to downtown, but I want to do further analysis to see how necessary some of these routes are.

I've compiled the stop information for the Express routes below. The colors mean nothing other than to try to show unique routes. The crosses mean the lone route going from Hilliard to OSU.

Click here to play with map

Again, I am unaffiliated with COTA and this map is not endorsed by COTA in any way. All opinions in this post are mine and are not shared by COTA. The map was made using data from data for Google Transit available here.

Next up: Another weekend!

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