December 8, 2011

COTA Making Progress

Yesterday, I talked about goals of transit and a transportation term called level of service, of which I know little. Today I'll talk a about something I know a little bit more of which is reading power point slides off of COTA's website.

COTA offers 3 routes with relatively frequent served (10-15 minutes) which include the #1, #2, and #10. If you're interested in these in depth, I recommend this Xing Columbus post as his map is a lot better than the map provided below:

While something could be said about the areas covered by frequent service, I'm instead concentrating on what COTA is attempting/attempted to do to make service better for these routes which make up 50% of the ridership.

COTA #1 Cleveland Avenue / Livingston - Investigating - They are in the process of public outreach to determine the best path forward for the northeast corridor (Cleveland Avenue). The study will last between November 2011 and August 2012 so it's something to keep an eye on. It's focus is bus rapid transit (BRT) which is a route which can have signal priority, meaning the bus would stop at fewer to no red lights. Another improvement is an off-bus fare collection system so you can pay while you're waiting.  If all goes to plan, this COTA presentation says that Columbus could have BRT by in 2015. You can also check Xing Columbus post, too.

COTA #2 High Street / East Main - Failed While Reaching for the Sky - COTA (and Columbus) wanted some kind of rail system for downtown. One idea was light rail connecting Polaris to downtown which I believe was brought to the voters in the late 90's in failed. The second idea was a streetcar between Downtown and Campus, this too did not succeed. These are the high brow ideas that were unable to get through to us and you can see the most recent article on the failures here. Unfortunately, I don't think many changes have been to the #2 in the intermediate.

COTA #10 Broad Street - In Progress - COTA has also been investigating reducing the amount of bus stops for each route. In September 2011, COTA made changes to multiple stops and we'll likely see how successful they were in improving service times when they ultimately attempt to reduce stops on other routes. This was the lowest hanging fruit.

Next up: One last attempt with a maps

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