December 21, 2011

COTA Express

On Monday I found myself getting on the COTA #58 to Dublin to meet some people at Max and Erma's. The first thing of note is that I have never been nervous on the bus until that ride. Our driver was crazy and was actively weaving in and out of traffic. In practice, though, we got to the stops ahead of time and it was kind of cool, to be honest.

The interesting thing about it was that at the City Center garage load point there were only 3 people on the bus. But by the Nationwide loading point at Spring and Front, there were 20 people on the bus so that was kind of impressive.

The weird thing about the Express routes is that it's always hard to tell where they stop. The same can be said about the local stops, but it's especially difficult for the express.

Some ambiguity exists.
From my investigations of stop locations, the following are the overall stop locations followed by the Dublin area stop locations.

Closeup of stops on #58.
So first, I've learned how to include route lines from COTA on the map. Second, there are more stops than what is easily identified in the COTA map. I would suggest including simple "dots" where all access points are to the Express routes.

Next up: Walking

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