December 1, 2011

The Cold

Today was the first day of the cold, cruel winter. It was windy with a hint of freezing. Not only that, but I saw a few bikers at the Columbus Bicycle Subcommittee meeting who decided that it was too cold.

First, it made me appreciate that some of the more committed members of Columbus bicyclists sometimes don't bike all the time. We're not crazy! Second, it made me wonder about some of the temperatures that Columbus experiences.

I went to Weather Underground to do some investigating and I looked at data between January 2009 and January 2011. Here's what I found relating to how cold it is, using the daily lows as my guiding light:

Average Days per Year
Low less than 10 F
Low Between 10 F and 20 F
Low Between 20 F and 30 F
Low Between 30 F and 40 F

If it's warmer than 40 F, you can probably bike. It's once it gets colder than that which makes me worry. If you can't stand temperatures less than 40 F, you would need an alternate mode of transportation 150 days a year, but really it all depends on what you can tolerate.

Next up: One more post about COTA routes

Cool photo of the day:

File:Rower wieloosobowy by Zureks.jpg
Courtesy of Wikipedia

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