December 20, 2011

Bikeless Winter

As some of you may recall, I have been busing to work since November 29 and I haven't really looked back because quite frankly, it's cold. It's not poop-your-pants cold, but it's cold enough be be uncomfortable.

To be honest, it's been really nice to not have to worry about anything for the commute home. While biking is relatively safe, I still have to follow traffic rules and as such, I can't completely zone out. On the bus however, I get to zone out while being in a temperature controlled climate.

Oddly enough, on Monday I saw three different bikers on the road. One biker was changing between sidewalk biking and riding on the streets at will. As a reminder, biking on the sidewalk is illegal in the City of Columbus but I am much more sympathetic. Bikers, if you are on the sidewalk, stay on them and ride slowly. Bikers, if you are on the road, stay on them and ride with what's comfortable.

The second biker was riding on the road on the right side of a multi-lane one-way street. His intent was to turn left but did not signal. On top of that, he stopped in the crosswalk of the next intersection, stopped, and then re-oriented himself to the cross traffic direction. This isn't a complete disaster but if I were a driver and saw a biker position himself in front of me, I wouldn't be happy.

The third biker was biking slowly on the sidewalk and got off his bike right before the crosswalk. Unfortunately for him, my bus driver was having none of it and held up the crosswalk for a good minute. In the one case that the biker was following the rules (more or less), he gets ignored.

Next up: Another note about COTA

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