December 13, 2011

Ask a Biker

This blog post is entitled Ask a Biker, it is really just me making up a question. To my intrepid readers: ask me questions and I'll put them here.

The question: I'm new to biking. How can I get from Victorian Village to Columbus State Community College?

I used to live at Buttles and Dennison and this would be a great commute. First of all, avoid High Street between Buttles and Fulton..A biker has to chose between the slow, slow bus lane and the lane which transports the cars avoiding the slow, slow buses, so it's best to avoid High Street if possible.

Secondly, use Park Street. Sure there's a lot of Chach bars between Goodale and Vine Streets, but for commuting it's pretty nice.

Finally, Nationwide Blvd is pretty nice. For the most part it is marked with "sharrows" and is signed as a bike route. Use it and you shouldn't pee your pants too much.

Overall, it's a pretty easy route to use but be sure to test it out during non-peak hours. If you're uncomfortable during non-peak hours, you might want to try a different route or use car/bus/walk routes instead.

View Victorian Village to Columbus State Community College in a larger map

Next up: Yielding the right-of-way

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