November 15, 2011

Where to bike

On a previous post about biking on sidewalks, or sidebiking, a commenter left me this:

"I think it's dangerous to ride quickly on sidewalks. I wish people around campus would understand that. As a driver around campus, it's hard for me to predict where a bicyclist is going when they are on the sidewalks.
I see people riding on sidewalks with no helmet and earphones in...I don't think that's the best idea/way to bike. 
But there are many bikers out there that do follow the traffic laws and do a great job at it."
I realized that while desperately pleading the case of the "asshats" on campus that I completely forgot to discuss where a biker should be.

Prepare yourself for a made-up statistic, but at least 95% of a commute should be on the road. On my route home, I sidebike for about 900 feet, all of which comes near and around exiting bike paths. On my route to work, I sidebike for about 100 feet to get from the street to where I park.

Biking done on Streets
Biking done on Sidewalks
Bike Commute

The above table is little more than to show that I bike a lot. But the other take-home point is that it's possible to bike on surface streets for long distances. In my case I travel from the Hilltop to Downtown.

I have one more update to share and it's regarding the bad press of the bike shelters. The Dispatch had a recent article discussing the newly announced recycling plan for Columbus. According to the article, the cost of the program will be paid for from the general fund with an ultimate cost being around $3.9 million. The cost could be less depending on how much waste is diverted from the SWACO landfill - less waste means less tipping fees. Looking through the Dispatch comments is an entertaining hobby and that's where I uncovered this treasure [emphasis added]:

In California there are places where you take our cans, glass, and paper and get PAID to recycle. People are not going to recycle unless there is something in it for them. Paying to recycle is just plain dumb. This is another waste of money, just like the 30k bike racks!
Bikers and their parking ruin everything!

Next up: More on planning a commute

Cool link of the day: Get rid of urban freeways

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