November 2, 2011

My Rules of the Road

Something that is amazing to me is that more often than not, commuters obey traffic laws. Just think about how people stop at red lights or unwillingly yield to pedestrians. It’s really taken for granted but consistency in driving is a large part of how two-ton machines can get along on the road every day.

I bring this up because I try to always bike the same way. In other words, if someone is behind me, they know where I stand and if all bikers were on the same page with traffic interactions (hah!), then motorists would know how to react to us.

With that in mind, here are some of the rules that I made up on the Yay Bikes! forum (check it out!):

  1. Stop at red lights.
  2. Slowdown at stop signs and yield if another vehicle gets there prior to you.
  3. Motorists should only have to pass you once.
  4. Do not share the lane but share the road.
  5. Use lights and reflective gear
  6. Use signals
  7. Use streets other than the main drag if it’s not an inconvenience
  8. Do not use sidewalks
  9. If you have to use sidewalks, be audible and try not to go faster than runners
  10. Do not wear headphones/ear buds. (Use a boom box if need be)
Other than the boom box, I plan to have some more in-depth posts about the rules of the road.

Next up: Motorists and Bicyclists sharing the road
Cool link of the day: Spoke Lights (h/t Columbus Rides Bikes)

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