November 16, 2011

More on Planning Routes

Earlier this week, I talked about how to plan a bike route but today I’m going to discuss my commute.  I’ve repeatedly discussed with my friends, I have large quadriceps. And I’ve occasionally discussed, it’s because I bike from the Hilltop to downtown for work for a total of 12 miles.

Now the Hilltop is blessed with a relatively robust set of public transit choices, mainly COTA routes #3, #6, and #10. Hilltop is also cursed with many man-made obstacles in the way to downtown. This includes I-70, SR-315, 2 railroad tracks, and only two surface street bridges crossing the Scioto River.

On my commute, there also aren't many dedicated bike-ways, although northern Hilltop is starting to get some infrastructure. The problem with the available bike-ways is that they are too far away from where I need to go, Mound & Hague.

The main positive that I have is that roads other than Broad Street are 35 mph or less.  Overall, I have some good options.

I’ll be honest, I’m going to stretch this into one more post to discuss actual street routes later. But in the mean time, I’ve made up a map below detailing some of my bus and bike options. (Dashed lines = Bike facilities, other lines = bus lines, Home = house, flag = work)

Next up: Bike lanes on the west side

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