November 22, 2011

Falling Down

While crashes happen every day for a small percentage of commuters, close calls in traffic are an everyday occurrence for most commuters. As previously stated, it’s understandable that people are in a hurry to get to a destination. It’s also unfortunate that people are in such a hurry that safety isn’t a larger concern.

Fortunately for me, I have not been in a crash involving multiple vehicles as a bicyclist or motorist (knock on wood), but I have fallen down on my bike about 4 times. Here’s my hall of shame:
  1.  Summer 2009 – After having ridden once since I was 10, I decided to buy a bike. While test driving, I was unfamiliar with using handlebar brakes and instead of braking to avoid a car, I ran over a curb and wiped out. No injuries.

  2. Summer 2009 – Rarely riding the bike during the summer, I went across a bike bridge over the Olentangy River. According to physics, handlebars are unable to pass through chain linked fences un-hindered. I immediately was stopped by the fence and my handlebars were no longer in line with the front wheel. Luckily I was able to pry it correctly. Minor wrist injury.

  3. Winter 2010/2011 – Being unafraid of the slight amount of snow on the road, I successfully biked to and back from work. My problem was that I did not give the ice on the driveway enough deference and I tipped over. Minor wrist injury.

  4. Summer 2011 – After using my bike with straight handlebars for the winter, I decided to go on a ride on a newer bike with drop bars. I saw friends on the sidewalk and I decided to stop and talk to them. Little did I know that the bike had awesome braking ability and I went flying over the top of my handlebars. Little to no damage done to the bike. Minor wrist injury and I lost a lot of self-confidence after everyone saw my fall.
Overall I’m still going strong even if my ego is deteriorating.

Next up: The COTA Crossroutes

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