November 29, 2011

Do what you can

Before I get to deep into proper biking attire for miserable weather, I need to make a public service announcement.

Biking can be fun but it is not glamorous. During the summer you will arrive at your destination and people will ask, "Why are you all sweaty?" During rain events you will arrive at your destination and people will say," You look like a drowned rat and I should know a thing or two about drowned rats." During blustery days you may be passed by pedestrians even as you are pedaling with all of your might. 

All this is to say that if something doesn't work for you, try something else. Maybe bring a change of clothes if you are sweaty or wet. Maybe use the bus if the weather is bad. Maybe use a car during parts of the year *gasp*. For me, I am going to use the bus during winter. Life is just too short to be miserable and everyone has the power to chose something different.

I believe that this is true in aspects outside of biking. I could eat healthy and cut out sugar to be more healthy but I like sugar and I am content with my health. I could stop playing video games but then I wouldn't know how Zelda ended.There are many more similar examples of where I could do more but I am content with where I am.

This is all to say that I highly recommend biking but if someone tries it and doesn't like it, I won't nag them to continue biking. I have a friend who I continually suggested biking to work because it would have been a relatively safe and easy commute. One day he biked to work but it didn't work for him. The only time I brought up biking since was when he told me that he was walking 3 miles from work because he was without a car for one evening and had no viable bus option.

Just do what you can and occasionally try new things. The good thing about all that sweat during biking is that you're burning more calories and that means you can eat more Chipotle guilt-free.

Next up: Winter commuting

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