November 21, 2011

COTA Local Map

Last week I mostly discussed routes and one point I stressed was the importance of being near public transit, or COTA in Columbus’ case. COTA has a nice array of options but COTA has recently made some news by increasing its fares. Additionally, OSU students pay $9 a quarter to use COTA and will begin swiping their cards to use COTA in January 2012. This means former OSU students must say goodbye to free bus rides.

On Wednesday I will go into more detail about the pricing situation, but today I want to discuss the routes available. COTA has 65 distinct routes which consist of 19 local routes, 36 express routes, and 11 link/crosstown routes. All local routes go through downtown, most express routes go downtown with limited morning and evening service, and crosstown routes avoid downtown but provide links to various places of interests.

With 65 routes, it’s sometimes difficult to convey information through a system map. You may be familiar with this. There’s a lot of information but we’re at a point in human civilization where there should be more interaction. If you zoom in on this map, it does not show a detailed street view, what is meant by limited service, and how frequent a bus goes somewhere.

At Xing Columbus, they generated a map which addresses some of these critiques, but still lacks interaction. Still, it’s nice to be able to glance at a map and see that some routes come with a frequency of 15 minutes or less:

I have created a map based on the Google Transit data provided by COTA. I am unaffiliated with COTA and this map is not endorsed by COTA in any way. All opinions in this post are mine and are not shared by COTA.

With the disclaimer out the way, here’s what it looks like:

Full map is available here

Next up: Crashing

Cool video of the day:

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