November 25, 2011

COTA Crosstown Routes

Because I am in the middle of a turkey coma, today's post is going to be pretty short. On Monday I discussed local bus routes Columbus and provided a map. I've also prepared a crosstown map of COTA routes and that's below. If you click on the link and then click on any stops on a route, you'll be able to see how many buses stop there per weekday:

Click here to play with map
The crosstown routes serve the purpose of connecting Local routes outside of going downtown and also to partially serve OSU. Since I live on the Hilltop, I see room for improvement. We specifically need a north-south route which would connect the 15, 3, 6, 10, 5, and other crosstowns. In essence, it would be a Hilltop-OSU crosstown.

Again, I am unaffiliated with COTA and this map is not endorsed by COTA in any way. All opinions in this post are mine and are not shared by COTA. The map was made using data from data for Google Transit available here.

Next up: It's cold!

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