November 17, 2011

Bike Lanes

I have mixed feelings about bike lanes and the like. On one hand, I like the idea of government spending money on bicyclists. On the other hand, I don’t like the pressure of being forced towards bike lanes.

The Columbus Municipal Code does not require a bicyclist to be in a bike lane, but who are we kidding? If a bike lane is on a road, the expectation of drivers is that a bicyclist will be in the bike lane and it does make sense. Broad Street, for instance, has this dedicated lane for small vehicles that average around 15 MPH compared to a speed limit of 40 MPH. Why would bikers be “asshats” and not ride on road which was so forcibly taken from motorists?

My biggest problem with some bike lanes is the amount of debris which collects in them. I’ve gotten multiple flats on Broad Street and I have since avoided it. I was amazed with how much glass and sediment accumulated on Broad Street.

I hypothesize that when there were no bike lanes cars going 40 MPH were able to kick debris off the road and onto the sidewalk/grass. Now that there are bike lanes, the debris is kicked to the bike lane.

Going forward I realize that I could contact Columbus 311 to attempt to get the bike lanes fixed but to be honest, this isn’t the best use of resources for bicyclists. Especially since these bike lanes are poorly connected or not connected at all. Instead of bike lanes and maintenance, it could be better to invest in an alternative to going through the Broad Street I-70 interchange.

I’ve updated the map from yesterday to include all of the bike lanes/paths/boulevards on the west side of Columbus. You can see how COTA fits in by clicking on the link and looking at the layers tab. Mainly, just click a lot of buttons and you’ll figure it out (Green is for proposed bike path, other colors are for other things.) 

Next Time: Another go at planning routes.

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  1. It's so true that those bike lanes go no place in particular. Why would anyone just need to ride on that one part of Broad street? I'm hoping there is a master plan that will be realized someday because right now the bike ways in Columbus can seem a bit disjointed.


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