November 18, 2011

Another post on route planning

During this week I've discussed a lot about route planning. Thank God it’s Friday because I’m going to discuss the routes that I use. I’m going to use a lot of MORPC data in this post, but overall, some roads feel more unsafe than other routes. The surprising thing is that the data largely confirms this.

The Hilltop to downtown route has three primary non-highway west-east routes to use: Broad Street, Sullivant Avenue, and Mound Street. Broad Street has vehicle rates of about 28,000 vehicles per day, Sullivant of 18,000 vehicles per day, and Mound Street of 12,000 vehicles per day. Each of these rates vary depending on how close to a highway interchange, but overall I choose Mound because it is the least busy.

Unfortunately, the dangerous interchanges show a large increase in traffic. At the Mound Street and I-70 interchange, Mound Street experiences around 20,000 vehicles per day. That’s over an 8,000 vehicle per day jump! The least favorite part of my commute is Central and Mound which is near the peak traffic. What this tells me is that an alternate route would be great.

During the beginning of my commute from the Hilltop, I went through MRDD (I-70 & Town Street) to avoid these trafficked areas. The hero of this story, however, was stopped by a state trooper one day and was forbid from entering the MRDD complex. Ever since then, I’ve traversed Mound Street like I was a slow car.

Ultimately, I realized that the Hilltop was on top of a hill, and my return commute was ill-suited for returning home. So instead, I went out of my way to use the relatively bike friendly McKinley Avenue to the north. The worst part of this commute is that there is no bus readily available to save me in the event of a flat.

Overall, I do not have a perfect route. The man kept me down. But I’ve been relatively safe and I’ve successfully navigated it through my first two months. Below is a copy of the same GIS map from the other day. I’ve also noticed that the link from previous days is changing, and I’ll look into that over the weekened.

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